If you could increase your employees productivity by 20% would you do it?  What if I told you, you can easily do team building without hiring an expensive company?  Playing video games together can increase productivity by 20% and is a great way to build employees team. #Productivity #Gaming #IncreaseProductivity

Gaming has changed the way we get our entertainment, and it has become a successful industry in and of itself now. We all know that streaming allows people to earn money. As a result, Esports is now a serious rival to conventional sports on the market. Because of games, colleges, as well as universities, are creating new degrees to assist students in a variety of professions in the gaming sector. You might be surprised to know that playing video games while on the work has the potential to be beneficial for the entire company. If you want to know how playing games in the workplace can be helpful for your employees, watch this video until the end.

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Number 1: Games are Entertaining

Although every firm seeks productive and engaged employees, virtually every organization has challenges in accomplishing such a seemingly straightforward goal. Your company’s financial line will benefit greatly if you can strike a balance between work and leisure. Many businesses are allowing their staff to play more video games at work as a popular strategy. It’s worth a go if you haven’t yet. There is a certain amount of enjoyment to be had in completing any given task. Finding enjoyment is as easy as clicking your heels together. Gaming in between the job is a lot of fun! Thereafter, every work is as easy as pie. It’s a fact without a doubt. When employees are having a good time, everything else appears to fall into place.

Play more games and you’ll discover that you can create a productive and enjoyable work atmosphere. Even though games may appear like an entertaining addition to a usually stressful weekday. HR professionals will agree that they have several advantages when they allow employees to play games along with their task in free time. Allowing your team to participate in more office games has the benefits like the ability to think more clearly or it may help them to reduce stress. Gaming helps the employees building up a team and encourages collaboration to boost morale. It improves motor and hand-eye coordination. Organize recurring competitions, mid-day game breaks, or early-morning challenges to keep things interesting. A little friendly competition and some fun-filled game time may do wonders for your team’s morale.

Number 2: Team-Building

Complexity is a hallmark of problems, and the human mind is no exception. To be successful, teams need to have good chemistry. Yet it’s often one of the most overlooked factors in the development of a productive working relationship. You’ll be less productive if you can’t get along with your coworkers. More callouts and unpleasant terminations are likely in a bad work environment, which can harm your emotional and physical health. Team-building isn’t only about going on dates and getting to know each other over a few beers at a local brewery. To do this, it is necessary to link brains and foster healthy and pleasant work relationships. It’s like going on a date after you’ve already committed to something. Video games are a great way to meet new people and have a good time. Thought-provoking and beneficial to our brains when done correctly. Puzzles are great mental workouts.

Above all else, they’re a lot of fun. Around the world, more than 2.2 billion individuals enjoy playing video games. Home, sports arenas, computer monitors, and even automobiles are all filled with these devices today. Gaming has become a part of everyday life. Spend less money on team-building exercises and more time playing video games or dedicating a space just for gaming breaks instead of buying expensive equipment. According to a study, Video games in the office have been found to aid recovery from weariness and stress. We could all need a little stress relief. Happily, employed employees tend to stick around for a long time. In addition, by adding video games into a daily routine, employees may grow emotionally comfortable with one another, understand how their minds work together, and discover new approaches to accomplish corporate goals.

Number 3: Increase Your Productivity

Let me tell you that research shows that playing video games might increase productivity. After just 45 minutes of playing video games together, newly formed work teams showed a 20 percent boost in productivity on assignments. To see that huge of a spike especially considering the time they played was surprising. As co-author and BYU assistant professor Greg Anderson said, Companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars on team-building events, and I’m thinking to go out and get an Xbox.

However, cooperative gaming may also reinforce roles and help employees establish cognitive habits that work well with their co-workers, in addition to providing an instant productivity boost. This has a fascinating carry-over impact, increasing the predictability of behavior and the consistency of decisions. Because team members know what to anticipate from one another, they can take on new tasks and roles more quickly and with less uncertainty. In certain cases, you may be surprised by the roles that you are cast in. In the same way that an extroverted problem-solver may take leadership in an escape game, a player might propose a fresh way of thinking in a video game challenge. Anxiety might be reduced by playing games, which could help those who are shy to open up.

Number 4: Creates a Sense of Belonging

Since this worldwide epidemic hit our planet, the internet world has grown increasingly popular as we all know. Employees who have fun with one another can build a sense of community and strengthen their working relationships. It’s not always possible for employees to participate in team-building events with their co-workers since they operate in a more virtual environment. Employees can interact digitally by playing video games together. Challenges are no match for their ability to work through them, establish relationships, and encourage cooperation. For a company, this implies staff will be more aware of one other. Communities come together to solve problems. Developing such a culture inside a business or organization will only serve to strengthen it. Any employee, regardless of location, will be able to communicate and get to know one another.

Number 5: Games Give a Safe Environment

Everyone who is watching this right now certainly already understands the importance of corporate training. It doesn’t make sense to just throw someone into a profession without any training or preparation. Games, in particular, offer a great setting for learning via failure because they disarmed the learner. While in a virtual environment, the student is free to make decisions that might lead to failure or give an instructive opportunity.

While other types of e-learning such as workbooks and videos don’t provide the person a chance to practice, games do. Instead of waiting for someone else to explain how to accomplish something, a player does it himself. Failing in games creates more learning chances than other teaching approaches because failure fosters more learning opportunities. After failing a test or getting a wrong response, you are frequently given the option to retake it. It’s great, but it’s unlikely that you’ll remember it in the long run. You may even be able to retake the quiz, but you’re more likely to recall the answers based on how they were phrased than their meaning or content.

Final Thoughts

Technology is constantly evolving. To avoid fading into obscurity, we must keep pace with it. Video games in the workplace can have a significant positive impact. So, what do you think? Should workers be allowed to play video games in the workplace? If you think that gaming shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace, don’t forget to share your reasons with me in the comments section below. That’s all for today’s video and thanks for watching it.

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