Do you use your iPad for everyday tasks?  If you do, then you will want to check out today’s video as I go over the Top 5 iPad Productivity Apps that I use each day.  Be sure to stick around as these apps are not going to be typical ones used by Productivity YouTubers! Also, the last app I list is the only app I could not do without.

Number 5 – Microsoft Office 365 one of my Top 5 iPad Productivity Apps

Microsoft Office 365 is the best collection of productivity apps available today.  The apps that I use daily are Word, Excel, and One Drive.  To be honest I have tried other Word processing apps and cannot find any that I like better than Microsoft Word.  This includes apps like Notability or even GoodNotes.

Number – 5 Google Calendar one of my Top 5 iPad Productivity Apps

Since I work across multiple platforms in a day, I need a Calendar that works on multiple platforms as well.  This is where Google Calendar comes into play.  With Google Calendar I can quickly schedule meetings and set up reminders. I love how easy it is to set up multiple calendars which allow me to separate my personal life from my work life.

Number 4 – Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available today.  I love that I can automatically sync all bookmarks, open tabs, and recent searches across multiple computers and mobile devices.  The one downside to Chrome is its privacy protection.  So, consider this before installing Chrome.

Number 3 – Google Drive

If you are like me and must share documents with clients, friends, and family then you will want to use Google Drive.  What I like about Google Drive is that I can use it directly from Chrome and don’t have to install another app.

Number 2 – Kindle App

The Kindle app is an amazing tool for reading books on mobile and pcs.  I love that it is cross-platform capable and allows me to learn new things.  Typically, I read 3 to 15 books a month and primarily use the iPad to do this.  I can sit in my recliner and read all night long.

Number 1 – PromptSmart Pro one of my Top 5 iPad Productivity Apps

PromptSmart Pro uses voice technology to automatically scroll in real-time. It is easy to import documents from Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, or even Dropbox.  I primarily bought my iPad just for this feature.

WRAP UP Top 5 iPad Productivity Apps

As I said earlier in this video, I use apps that business owners would use to get things done.  I don’t believe you need to have a dedicated app for everything.  With that said, I do believe that sometimes a productivity app does have its place. 

Let me know in the comments what apps you use to be productive.


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