If your computer is running slowly, you can speed it up and make it work better in a number of ways. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Clean your hard drive.

Over time, files and programs you no longer use can pile up on your hard drive. This can slow down your PC. Remove files you no longer need and uninstall programs you don’t use.

Run a Disk Cleanup

You can delete files by hand, or you can use the Disk Cleanup tool that comes with Windows to get rid of temporary files, system files, and other data that is taking up space on your hard drive.

Stop programs from starting up

Some programs may start up automatically and run in the background when you turn on your PC. This can make your computer take longer to start up. Turn off any programs that start up automatically that you don’t need.

Remove Programs You Don’t Use

Also, programs you don’t use can take up space on your hard drive and make your computer run slower. Remove any software you don’t use.

Update your system software

Keeping your operating system up-to-date can help your computer run better by fixing bugs and security problems.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting your hard drive can help it run better by moving files around and making room.

Add More RAM

If your PC is running slowly, you can speed it up by adding more RAM. RAM is not too expensive and is easy to put in.

Look for bad software.

Malware can make your computer run slower and make you less safe. Use antivirus software to look for and remove any viruses or other harmful software on your computer.

Disable Visual Effects

Visual effects can make your computer look good, but they can also slow it down. Turn off any visual effects that aren’t necessary to improve performance.

Stop Using Programs

Closing programs you’re not using can free up memory and make your computer run faster. Make sure to close any programs you aren’t using.

By using these tips, you can make your computer run faster and work better.

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